April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanon-based international arms dealer is supplying weapons to both US Army and terror groups

Military in the war-prone regions are losing battles because of the illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab

The illegal arms trade is booming around the world. Like the war on terrorism, the fight to control the illicit trade markets is a serious issue which needs to be addressed. Governments will continue to lose these wars until they adopt new strategies to deal with the issue.

Lebanon-based business tycoon like Tony Abi Saab is supplying weapons to the terror countries. They are breaching international treaties and putting millions of lives at stake for their profits. Abi Saab is a big name in the international illicit weapons market. He is helping both the terror organizations and the US Army fighting against the rebel groups.

Since the time ISIS has invaded Syria, Tony is making a huge amount of profit through his arms business. His principal company Brescia Middle East (BME) helping the US Army in the war zones by supplying them with necessary military equipment. Tony takes contracts from the terror organizations and sells them weapons to earn a huge amount of money.

Tony also works through his web of ghost companies. They are a total of 18 in number which is spread over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to get contacts from the terror groups and fulfill their demands in weapons. A huge amount of weapons are imported to Lebanon which is later supplied through the Italian firms Beretta and Tanfoglio.

Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are the treaties which are formed to safeguard human rights, secure democracy, and safeguard the citizens from organized violence. But corrupt people like Tony Abi Saab is violating the guidelines mentioned in these treaties by supplying illicit arms to rebel groups.

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